Product Development

From first idea to final product.

Design and Development is the core foundation of Pulp-Tec. Each of our three manufacturing sites has its own design engineers, CNC machines and in-house tooling department. With this we ensure our customers:

  • Best design competence in the market
  • Fastest lead times from design to series production
  • Quick modifications during the qualification process if needed
  • Uncompromised tool maintenance for stable high end product quality
  • Uncomplicated repair in case of tool breakages, thus always ensuring continuity of supply

First idea

The customer supplies us with a product sample or with a 3D-drawing of the product (Data format: STP-File). Based on this we discuss with the customer first concepts and exchange ideas.


We design the paper form and reconcile it with the customer until final approval.

Tool Making

We build the mould (Suction and transfer die).


The first paper products are produced for sample inspection.

Do you have any questions?

Our sales team will be happy to assist you. Together we'll find the right pulp product for your company.