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    Bespoke products, created from scratch,
    to your specifications.

    With an expert team and in-house design capabilities we will work with your ideas or product dimensions to create sustainable pulp packaging entirely unique to you – from the simple to intricate, small to large.


      • In-house design
      • Cushion packaging
      • Nestable pulp products
      • 100% Recyclable
      • 100% Biodegradable
      • 100% Compostable

      Strong Industry Expertise.

      Our designers and production engineers have extensive experience across multiple industries with unique requirements. We supply many highly respected and ambitious customers from the following areas:


        • Electronics
        • Chemical and Pharma
        • Automotive
        • Household Appliances
        • Extruded Films and Textiles
        • Food and Beverage
        • Furniture
        • Plantpot and Trays

        Sustainable future with moulded pulp: the ideal EPS alternative

        In times of increasing environmental awareness and stricter environmental regulations, it is crucial to find sustainable alternatives to environmentally harmful materials. An eco-friendly replacement for conventional styrofoam (EPS) is moulded pulp. This versatile material not only opens up new perspectives but also significantly contributes to reducing the ecological footprint.

        Moulded pulp as an eco-friendly alternative to EPS

        Moulded pulp also known as moulded fibre, has established itself as a genuine EPS alternative. Unlike styrofoam, which is petroleum-based and has long-term environmental impacts, as it cannot be broken down in nature, fiber molding is made from recycled paper. This conserves resources and significantly reduces CO2 emissions. This makes fiber molding an environmentally friendly material that is ideally suited as a sustainable replacement for EPS.

        Styrofoam replacement for various applications

        Moulded pulp proves to be a versatile styrofoam replacement for packaging, storage, and protection of various goods. Its high malleability enables the production of tailored packaging solutions, while its stability and durability ensure the safety of your products. Furthermore, the material offers excellent recyclability, closing the loop and further promoting resource conservation.

        Pulp-Tec - Your Partner for environmentally conscious solutions

        Our fiber moulding factory stands for innovative and sustainable products. As specialists in pulp manufacturing, we offer individual solutions in the packaging sector. We prioritize quality, environmental compatibility, and customer satisfaction.

        Discover the future of packaging with moulded pulp - your eco-friendly alternative to styrofoam. Contact us and let us convince you of the diverse applications of fiber molding. Together, we shape a sustainable future!

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