Core group

company values

As a family business, we work with a long planning horizon and our company leaders are equipped with a very large extend of entrepreneurial freedom. These characteristics of our business model form the basis of our mutual success. The cornerstone for this interaction is created by our shared values.

1. Innovation

We constantly challenge our ways of doing business and continuously improve them. We are open for new ideas and we are willing to change if they are better than what we do today. We create added value for our customers.

2. Self responsibility

Each one of us works actively towards the success of our business. We act to generate profits, we stick to our values and we take responsibility for the results for our actions. 

3. Reliability

We say what we do. And we do what we say. We are active in our local community, accommodating and self-effacing – and we are reliably trustworthy. We respect the rights, norms and culture of our partners. We expect the same of them. We act upon the rules we give ourselves and stick to them.