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Product categories

Home Compost (Bioform®)

  • Certified Home Compostable
  • Unique product characteristics: natural break-down
  • Short to medium product life cycle
  • 100% closed-loop recyclable, otherwise compost or disintegrate in nature

Paper Recycling (PurePaper®)

  • Pure Paper
  • Characteristics of conventional paper
  • Short product life cycle 
  • 100% recyclable in waste paper stream

What is


  • Bioform® is a paper-based material made from natural raw ingredients.
  • This is tailor-made at Pulp-Tec Compound to meet specific customer needs.
  • From paper fibers, starch and a biological binder, we extrude the Bioform® compounds, which are produced as pellets. 
  • Following compounding, we further process the pellets into final products by injection molding.

Circular Economy with Bioform®

Bioform® naturally degrades in the nature

Closed loop with Bioform®

Paper fibres, other natural components and additives are mixed together.

In the compounding process, the fibre mass is processed into strands under heat.

The extruded strands are then ground into fine granules.

The finished granules are fed into an injection moulding machine where they are compressed under heat and pressure into finished products.

The products can be 100% recycled in a closed loop.
Products can be placed in the soil where they decompose naturally.
If waste accidentally ends up in nature, this is not a burden - the parts decompose naturally into compost.

Certificate OK compost HOME


of Bioform®


Ecological benefits

  • 100% renewable raw materials
  • 100% bio-based contents
  • 100% petroleum plastic free
  • 100% biodegradable
  • 100% home compostable


Economical benefits

  • zero plastic tax
  • high stability
  • can run on fully automated potting lines
  • pots are durable to survive the growing and distribution period

Plant pots
made from Bioform®


  • made from home compostable paper-based compounds*
  • high stability: suitable for cultivation and further selling
  • avoidance of packaging disposal fees
  • suitable for automated potting machines 
  • pots can be planted in soil and biodegrade 

*Made from 100% certified home compostable bio-compounds

What is
Pure Paper®?


  • Pure paper
  • Characteristics of conventional paper
  • Long product life
  • 100% recyclable in a closed loop system


Dowload product brochure

of Pure Paper®


Ecological benefits

  • 100% renewable raw materials
  • 100 % free from plastic
  • 100 % recyclable in waste paper


Economical benefits

  • zero plastic tax
  • high stability
  • versatile shaping possible

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