Whistleblower Reporting Service

Have you obtained information about violations in connection with your professional
activities? Are you considering reporting such a violation to our reporting office so that appropriate follow-up measures can be taken?

Your information can be sent to us via our reporting office, thereby contribu1ng to the
effective detection, inves1gation, and prosecu1on of violations.

Whistleblowers make an important contribu1on to the detection and punishment of
misconduct. However, there have been cases in the past where they were professionally
disadvantaged as a result of reporting misconduct. The aim of the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) is to protect whistleblowers from disadvantages and to provide them with legal certainty. Another core element of the HinSchG is the best possible protection of their identity. Our reporting office protects your identity and is your central point of contact.

Important Notice

Reporting of Violations

In case of current dangers or threatening situations, please first contact the known
emergency numbers or the nearest police station.

Please note: A deliberately false report can have consequences.

Whistleblower Reporting Service

Through this link, you will reach our reporting office.

Legal Texts & Further Information

Whistleblower Protection Act

Directive (EU) 2019/1937 (Whistleblowing Directive)