Welcome to a truly circular economy

Pulp products are one of the most eco-friendly within the recycling stream:

  • They are made from 100% of waste (paper)
  • There are separate streams for waste paper worldwide and paper is one of the most recycled materials in the EU
  • They can be 100% recycled (an average pulp fibre gets used many times before leaving the value stream)
  • In case they end up in nature by accident Pulp-Tec products are 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • They have a significantly lower CO2 footprint compared to single use plastic

Our ecological products ensure the sustainable management of our environmental resources and are employed in a closed raw material cycle.

Sustainability at Pulp-Tec

We are determined to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and will achieve this through our commitment to:

  • Comply fully with all legislation and regulations established for the protection of the environment
  • Promote principles, procedures and practices through an environmental management system which will enhance environmental protection
  • Regularly review the environmental impact of all our activities in order to minimise waste, prevent pollution, improve resource efficiency and continually improve environmental performance and sustainability
  • Involve and motivate all employees through environmental awareness training and environmental procedures that will enable all staff to perform in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Continue to work in an environmentally responsible way with our key suppliers to encourage them to achieve best practice